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Bonnie is an amazing person who connects you to your strengths, helps you with analyzing your audience and your content and managing your nervous energy. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing someone with so much positive energy and working with her to smoothen out my rough edges before taking to the stage.

Deejay Jayaram, Co-founder/Head of Strategy & Innovation, MinersInc.

Bonnie quickly sussed out everything that was important in my pitch and what to throw away. She really helped me turn something that was relatively stilted and trying to be slick into something natural and effective. It wasn’t just public speaking coaching, it definitely was the whole package.

Tom Ward-Thomas, Screen Writer and Actor

Bonnie helps you to connect with and inspire others, build trust and be clear. Most importantly, Bonnie is a great listener and observer. She has an inviting way of coaching that helps you work on showing the best authentic version of yourself.

Frans Reichardt, The Client Listener, Professional Speaker & Trainer

Bonnie coached me on several occasions. She's inspiring, vibrant, focused. Bonnie knows how to get you on track. Working with her gave me a real boost. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a leap, both business-wise and personally.

Melle Dotinga, Creative Director, - The Wise Ones

Imagine a coach who is able to keep your thinking out of the box, spark your inner creativity, clear your cloudy thoughts and make you laugh every time it is needed. That is how I see Bonnie. After only a couple of sessions with her, I felt more confident to share my vision. It is much easier to present new ideas and get new business if your thoughts are translated into words. That is how Bonnie helped me and I'm sure she can help you too. 

Lubo Tomko, Experience Designer, Communication Strategist, Entrepeneur 

Bonnie’s nice step-by-step approach brings your performance to a higher level. Combining the focus on the language of the text, with acting technique was eye-opening.

Naomi Ebogo, actress

In preparation for a job as moderator, Bonnie guided me expertly. I was surprised by her spirit and know-how. Her influence helped guard me against countless pitfalls and as a result, I was very confident that day. Thank you, Bonnie.

Carla Kolner, Research and Advisor, Prevention in the Social Sector

Bonnie helped me craft and practice a five-minute pitch for my business to attract investors and customers. I found her approach very constructive. We began by recording my pitch and then talking about both the overall structure of it and its message, as well as dissecting each line or part to ensure I was maximizing each word. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. 

Jane Palmer, Founder of Nature Coatings LLC