Bonnie Williams

I'm an Amsterdam-based, American-born actress and director turned coach. Why, you might wonder… Because I understand the powerful parallel between an actor’s presence and a speaker’s stage presence. That’s where the magic of a memorable performance lies.

That’s what I bring to the table. I work internationally and specialize in supporting speakers to come across naturally and powerfully in English, whether you’re a non-native English speaker or it’s your mother tongue. And for the Dutch among us, ik werk ook volledig in het Nederlands. 

I believe that confidence and grace come from the inside out: the connection you have with yourself, your message and your audience. 

I often tell the people I work with that in order to make the impact you want on your audience, you need to make choices between the need-to-knows and the nice-to-knows that might be relevant for them. So here goes:

Need-to-know about me

I simply and deeply love what I do: helping people grow. This drives my passion and focus to come to each conversation with an open heart and a sharp mind. Which is often reflected not only in my enthusiasm and energy, but also in my unabashed analyses and confrontational quick wit. Not to mention a sense of humor to keep it all in perspective. So be warned - and welcome.

Nice-to-know about me

My primary area of work is the film industry. I give on-line pitching masterclasses and coach individual project teams. I coach actors, filmmakers and moderators on presenting & interview techniques. I direct and coach voiceover narration for documentary filmmakers and non-native actors on their English speaking roles.

I also coach business leaders, experts and social impact speakers. And many other people with vision who need to be heard.

I’m a senior speaker coach for TEDxAmsterdamWomen and other corporate TEDx events. A bit more name-dropping? IDFA, IFFR, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, CEE Animation Forum, Creative Europe, B2B Doc, FilmmarketHub Pitchbox, etc.

You can learn even more about me by reading what my clients say.