Pitch & Public Speaking Coaching

with Bonnie Williams


Become the fearless and inspiring speaker you imagine yourself to be.

Whether you’re an experienced public speaker or still getting used to facing an audience, there’s always room to fine-tune your skills and increase your impact. And learn to navigate the dynamics of the online environment.

For film industry professionals, TEDx speakers, social impact entrepreneurs, experts, business leaders and visionaries.

Why a Pitch & Public Speaking Coach?

I help you communicate consistently with clarity, integrity and enthusiasm. To find your own voice and natural way of expressing yourself.

The more command you have over your presentation, the more confident you are. And the more impact you'll have on your audience and the world.

I also support non-native international English speakers to handle the language with ease. 

Are you looking for support to take your public speaking to the next level?

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If all the world is a stage, it's people like Bonnie who ensure that there is applause at the end of the performance.

- Deejay Jayaram, Co-founder/Head of Strategy & Innovation, MinersInc.

Speaking with Impact "Thoughts"


I've been working with people all over the world on speaking with impact, in all different forms. Certain recurring themes and issues keep coming up. So I've decided to share my thoughts - and a few tips - with you in a few videos!

The first one is meant to trigger your thinking. Keep watching for the next ones.


More videos

A pitch is more than a presentation of your project. It's an invitation to have a conversation about it.


Pitch Coaching

For film industry professionals, entrepreneurs and event organizers

You know what your project or product is about and what you want to achieve. But do you truly engage your listeners and inspire them to continue the conversation?

Develop the skills and mindset you need to deliver genuinely compelling and persuasive pitches. 

Public Speaking

For TEDx & social impact speakers and business leaders

It takes focus, awareness and skill to move your audience. This is the power of genuine presence.

I support you to craft your presentation and deliver your message with integrity and confidence. For maximum impact.

Voiceover Consulting

For documentary filmmakers

The way your personal voice-over sounds influences the impact of your film, from the pitch to the final cut.

I offer coaching and consulting from development through post-production.

Dialogue & Acting Coaching

For non-native professional actors and presenters working in English

Being comfortable and free to perform in a foreign language takes skill, focus and commitment. It’s a craft that can be learned.

Find your own voice in English. Do the work to get the work. Take your international career to the next level.


"Bonnie helps make dry material come alive and structure complex topics into fascinating stories. She's also an amazing performance coach and her advice was invaluable in building confidence and helping me establish rapport with the audience. "
- Prof. Dorothy Kolossa, Cognitive Signal Processing Group

What's been going on...

Meeting Point Vilnius Panel

Meeting Point Vilnius Panel

I moderated a panel discussion on Communities as a Tool for Change @MeetingPointVilnius in cooperation with EWA-European Women's Audiovisual network & Women in Film & TV Lithuania.

Agora Talk @ Agora Docs

Agora Talk @ Agora Docs

I gave a interactive sesion at the Agora Docs Festival in Thessaloniki: Mastering the Fine Art of Festival Networking for filmakers, sales agents, programmers and other professionals.

Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts' - Video 4 Memorization

Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts' - Video 4 Memorization

This video about speaking with impact - is about memorizing your script...or not. Because when you’re actually speaking, how do you remember what you want to say?

Since your presentation is a journey you take your audience on, why not make a map?



Speak to be remembered.